You’re Accepted. Now, Get Excited!



Now that you’ve been accepted to college, you might be ready to coast through your summer. Not so fast—there are still some steps to take care of to finalize your enrollment and get ready for the upcoming semester. We know it can be hard to maintain the motivation you had during your senior year now that you’ve graduated. If this sounds like you, there are some things you can do to make your transition and next steps, whatever they are, much easier!

  1. Go to orientation! This is by far the best way to get yourself pumped for college in the fall! You’ll begin learning more about your campus and your major, and you’ll likely make some new friends. Perhaps nothing helps you envision the possibilities that await you at your new school the way orientation will, with its detailed overview of the purpose of every building on your campus and its nightly instruction on your university’s fight songs and traditions. Orientation will be your first taste of college and what’s to come!
  2. Plan your class schedule. This is often done at orientation, and it will make concrete what you learned when you received your acceptance letter – this is now your school! With your schedule in place, you can begin completing summer assignments, collecting your supplies and making study groups with people you know who have overlapping schedules. If you know your desired major, you can even look up your major’s requirements on the registrar’s website and plan out a rough outline of your next few years of study!
  3. Start looking at extracurricular activities. Your school’s website will often list the student groups that are associated with the university, and that’s a great place to start if you know the kind of activities you would be interested in. Many schools also have student-run Facebook pages for different student groups, and you can use these to start asking current students about activities and groups to join. Classes aren’t the only place for learning, and the university environment is great for helping you to explore your interests!
  4. Keep your school’s administration informed of any changes. If at any point you change your mind about your decision to go to this college, you should inform your school’s registrar as soon as possible of the change so they can offer your spot in the class to someone who is on the waitlist. If you should ever change your mind, understand that you might have to go through the admissions process again, unless you reach an agreement with the registrar to defer your enrollment.

The college admissions process is done, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do! Immerse yourself in getting prepared for school and enjoying your summer, and the time before you start classes will fly by!