What is the College Redirection Pool?

college redirection pool

Still trying to put college in your future? Don’t worry! There are options available for students who have not applied to college or have not been admitted into their first-choice school, but who still want to begin classes in the fall. College Foundation of North Carolina’s (CFNC) College Redirection Pool can help students who are still trying to find their perfect fit.

What is the College Redirection Pool?

The College Redirection Pool is a system that can help students find colleges that have open admissions slots. The pool works differently than the standard admissions process. Instead of students completing an application and trying to convince a college that they are the right candidate for admittance, colleges recruit students. This means that students may be contacted by colleges that were not on their initial radar or that they didn’t even know about before using the system, giving students more options in the latter half of their senior year than they may have expected.

How does the College Redirection Pool work?

CFNC’s College Redirection Pool becomes available to students on April 1 and can be used until August 31. To take advantage of this option, students create a profile through CFNC.org with information that includes GPA, test scores, and anticipated major. This profile is then available to  colleges and universities throughout North Carolina.

Colleges can reach out to the students who meet their specific admissions requirements and recruit them to attend. When recruited, students will also be given information about the financial aid that could potentially be awarded to them from each college. This information can make the college choice decision a little bit easier. After reviewing all of the information that colleges provide, the student can then choose to apply to the school officially, making the process easier and less stressful.

Which colleges participate in the College Redirection Pool?

Both two-year and four-year institutions utilize this resource to fill empty spots, so there are a lot of different options available to students who are looking to continue their education in the fall.

If your original plan for college fell through, or if you are starting the application process a little later, the College Redirection Pool is a perfect way to learn about different colleges that still have open spots and get a better idea of what options are out there for you. Using this resource will provide you with information about many different colleges and will help you make the most informed decision about your next step.