Transfer Students: How to Make the Transition Seamless

transfer students

Transferring to a new college can often be a disorienting experience because you are still trying to navigate your new school’s processes and customs while everyone around you seems to be confident with them. Fortunately, there are a few things that can make a new college feel more like home quickly, if transfer students take advantage of them.

To get adjusted to your new school and hit the ground running in your first semester, you should have a detailed plan before you even start your transition.

Use Available Resources

Make sure you’re talking with admissions and academic advisors as soon as possible once you know you want to transfer.  Oftentimes the Registrar’s Office can help you understand how your past credits will officially transfer to your new college. Then, make sure that you attend your school’s orientation, even if it isn’t mandatory. Orientation is meant to make your transition easier, and it can have the side benefit of introducing you to new people immediately.

Talk to Professors and Administrators

Meet with your professors and the dean of your major or field of study as soon as possible. They can provide valuable advice on how to succeed in your courses. This advice can include things that would be tough to know without having gone to the school previously, like where the best deals on their books are or where you can find specific resources to supplement your learning. You may also request the syllabus early to get a jump on your coursework so that you can ease yourself into the workload and come in prepared on day one.

Seek Out Old Friends

Familiar faces can make your transition even easier. Do you know anyone at this school? Friends from high school or even people your parents know can be a terrific resource. And with the rapid growth of social media, these people are that much easier to find.

Know the Numbers

You should also take a moment to look for financial aid opportunities, like grants and scholarships, that are reserved for transfer students. It might take some work, but can be very worthwhile.

Get Social

Consider how you can get involved in the campus social scene early on. This can include living in a dorm, joining campus organizations or even finding a job in a bookstore or café on campus. Most schools have a newsletter and/or social media resources that will help you find happenings on campus.

Transferring to a new school takes some time, but don’t let it be more work than it has to be. Try these tips, and use all the tools at your disposal to make your transition an awesome one! For more information about transferring between schools in North Carolina, visit