Tips for Improving Your SAT/ACT Scores

improving sat scores

When you check your test scores online, the worst thing you can find is a score that doesn’t match what you had expected. It can be a painful experience to discover that your score wasn’t as good as you hoped it would be. You spent so much time preparing and studying, so it can be frustrating to realize you need to try again. But there are ways to bounce back from a disappointing test score.

Use these tips to help you improve your SAT/ACT scores:


    1. Find out what tripped you up. Your score report should include the categories of questions that you slipped up on, so use that to identify areas where you should focus your study. What specific concepts were most difficult for you? Knowing what you struggle with most will help you when you move on to step two.


    1. Make a study plan. Your score won’t improve if you don’t practice the concepts that initially brought down your score. Your next step should be to make a plan of what you’re going to study and when, so the next time you attempt the test, you’re better prepared for the difficult parts.


    1. Use all the tools in your arsenal. There are tons of test prep tools out there, so you don’t have to limit yourself or settle for something that isn’t helping you. If your own flashcards or study questions aren’t doing much for you, you can always find free test prep tools on the Internet. Khan Academy and College Board are both excellent places to visit for free practice questions.


    1. Ask questions. The best tools in your arsenal are other people. Your teachers, counselors, parents and peers can all help you find the best way to attack these tests. They might recommend study strategies, let you borrow practice books or even help you review your toughest concepts. Don’t be afraid to reach out, because other people might have ideas or tools you haven’t even tried.


  1. Don’t give up. The impulse to give up when we don’t do well at something might always be there, but you shouldn’t listen to it! Giving up is a sure way to lower your chances of ever reaching your goals.

The moment you receive the news of a not-so-great test score can be disheartening, but you can always bounce back! Use every tool at your disposal to help you reach the test scores you want. These, in combination with your grades and extracurricular activities will help you impress the admissions boards at your desired colleges. Make a profile on our website to find more test prep resources, and to research admissions requirements at North Carolina colleges and universities.