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College Prep Starts Early


If you really want to prepare your kids for college, starting them young – like when they are babies or in kindergarten – isn’t crazy. There’s a reason some parents stress over getting their children into the best pre-schools and making sure they read to their kids in the womb. You want to set up a love for learning and a strong educational foundation, so there’s never any doubt that your child will go to college.

What is the College Redirection Pool?

college redirection pool

Still trying to put college in your future? Don’t worry! There are options available for students who have not applied to college or have not been admitted into their first-choice school, but who still want to begin classes in the fall. College Foundation of North Carolina’s (CFNC) College Redirection Pool can help students who are still trying to find their perfect fit.

What is the College Redirection Pool?