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College Preparation Step-by-Step Guide

A diverse group of students on a college campus.

For many high school students, and some parents, college
preparation can feel overwhelming. There is often so much to do that you don’t
even know where to begin.

Lucky for you, CFNC is in your corner to help you plan, apply, and pay for college. Here’s your guide detailing everything you need to know about how to prepare for college from the high school halls to college campuses.

Start Prepping for College Early

This is a point that cannot be stressed enough.

Search Away to Beat Summer Boredom, Carolina Parents

summer programs

As a parent, you have no doubt wondered how you will find exciting, productive ways for children of all ages to use their time during the summer months. Enter the College Foundation of North Carolina’s searchable database of college preparation opportunities. This online tools helps parents find out what’s happening on college campuses across the state. Search by grade level, campus or interest!

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How Extracurricular Activities Help When Applying for College


From sports and clubs to performing arts and scouts, extracurricular activities are a fun way to break away from class work and do something different. As such, it may seem unusual for colleges and universities to ask about extracurricular activities during the application process. After all, college is about school and studying, right?

Certainly, the focus of college is on books, classes and preparation for a career.