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What to Know About College Application Deadlines

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College is around the corner. With only a year or two left until
graduation, it’s time to start wrapping up those applications. If you’re
serious about higher education, then you know that the application process
really starts during your junior year of high school. Most college applications
are due during the fall and winter of your senior year. That means you need to
have your SATs or ACTs taken care of, request your official transcripts,

How To Apply for College: A Guide for High School Juniors

How To Apply for College_ A Guide for High School Juniors

It’s finally your turn to apply for college!  As a high school junior, you’ve watched your
friends and older siblings cheer as their college acceptance letters arrived in
the mail or shed a tear when their dream school sent a polite, “no thanks.” Spending
time getting prepared now will help everything run smoothly as important
deadlines draw near.

Make a List of Colleges & Application Deadlines

Do you want to go to a large school or a small school?

Set Yourself Up for a Breezy Fall Semester


Leaves will soon begin their transition from shades of green to vibrant red and orange, just as your college “to-dos” climb the ladder on your priority list. The fall of your senior year will be slam-packed with making final campus visits, completing NC’s new residency process, submitting your FAFSA, and finishing applications for admission. You’ve come so far, and now it’s time to prepare yourself for a smooth and productive semester.

Juniors: Practice Making Your Essays Shine!

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You work hard during the school year. Now that you are finishing up your junior year in high school, you may already have taken the SAT. From here, college applications are the next college preparation task you’re going to tackle, which might mean writing an essay to send to your schools of choice. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your time and practice making your college essay as perfect as it can be.

How Extracurricular Activities Help When Applying for College


From sports and clubs to performing arts and scouts, extracurricular activities are a fun way to break away from class work and do something different. As such, it may seem unusual for colleges and universities to ask about extracurricular activities during the application process. After all, college is about school and studying, right?

Certainly, the focus of college is on books, classes and preparation for a career.