Set Yourself Up for a Breezy Fall Semester


Leaves will soon begin their transition from shades of green to vibrant red and orange, just as your college “to-dos” climb the ladder on your priority list. The fall of your senior year will be slam-packed with making final campus visits, completing NC’s new residency process, submitting your FAFSA, and finishing applications for admission. You’ve come so far, and now it’s time to prepare yourself for a smooth and productive semester. College Foundation of North Carolina has the tips you need to do just that!


Chat with Your School Counselor

As a rising senior, your counselors have watched you grow throughout the last three years and are ecstatic to help see your applications and acceptances through to the end. Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of their knowledge — as they have valuable wisdom. Schedule an appointment as soon as you’re back to school to make sure you’re on track with your transcript, test scores, deadlines and any other materials you may need. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is another huge aspect of applying for college that you may want to discuss with your counselor and with your parents.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

College essays are a practical way for universities to identify with applicants on a personal level. It is imperative that you make the most of your essay topics and showcase your accomplishments, as well as your personality and values. Preparing short essays on common topics is excellent practice for when the time comes to write the real deal. Having several samples set aside will make your applications go more quickly and may help you rack your brain for intimate examples to include.


If you’re still looking to increase your test scores, SAT and ACT prep tools are readily available, too. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides global access to brief lessons in the form of YouTube videos. This resource is exponentially helpful with providing additional practice and a fresh perspective of how to conquer a subject.


Finish Those College Visits

The summer prior to your senior year is a fantastic time to tour your colleges of interest. However, if you can’t reach them all, plan out the remainder of your visits around your fall break and other days off. Some high schools offer excused absences for students who are touring a college campus — check if this applies to you! If you’re still struggling to get to a school in-person, remember that many colleges and universities offer online tours and pictures so that you can get a reasonable feel for the environment. Utilize your time and explore all you can to get a better idea of where you want your future home to be. Once you get a good idea of which schools you’re going to apply to, choose whether to apply under early decision.


Take the fall semester by storm, and you will thank yourself later for making it such a breeze. Visit CFNC’s home page to find the tips and tricks you need to remain prepared and confident during your senior year.