Rising Juniors: Get Excited!


What to Do Today So You’re Ready for the School Year

Junior year of high school can be an amazing time! You’ve found your place – academically, socially and in your extracurricular activities. You are now a leader in the school, and you’ve gained some of the freedoms that come with age and responsibility. You’ll create amazing memories this year.


Of course, as you watch your friends who are seniors begin to apply for college, you’re probably also starting to realize that there are some exciting challenges ahead too. It’s your turn to begin the discovery process that will help you plan for college and your future. This year, you’ll be tackling a variety of key college preparation tasks.


Prepare for Standardized Tests

Spring semester of your junior year means SAT and ACT registration. Don’t fret over these tests — there are numerous study methods and suggestions availabe to boost your confidence. Books, prep courses, pre-tests and even knowledge of the basic layout can all be helpful. Keeping a checklist of the tests you have and have not completed, as well as your scores, will be useful for later reference. You may also want to track the necessary scores for your colleges of interest, as well as the dates and locations of the exams.


Tour Colleges and Universities of Interest

Spring break and the summer between your junior and senior year are perfect opportunities to visit the colleges you are considering. Familiarize yourself with the offered majors and consider other factors such as location, size and cost. Plan a day trip, schedule your tour and prepare your questions to narrow down possibilities for your future home. There is no better way to identify with a college than by exploring the campus and gaining insight from current or former students.


Also, our website offers Campus Search; a tool designed to enhance your college research. Here you will find key facts, entrance difficulty, admission policies and other significant procedures pertaining to each North Carolina college.


Keep Track of Entrance Requirements

As you start to decide which colleges and universities interest you most, begin tracking all academic and application requirements, costs and deadlines. This will help ensure that you have the appropriate materials needed when it comes time to apply for college. Determining if you want to apply under early decision is also a significant detail you will want to keep in mind. Organization is key; mark specific dates on your calendar to prevent any deadlines sneaking up on you.


Create a List of Activities and Achievements

One of the most helpful tools you can use to plan for college applications is most likely the simplest. Keep an updated list or file of your accomplishments throughout your high school years — academic honors, awards, extracurricular activities and community service. Keep track of all dates related to these events and even add names for potential recommendation letters. This will make your applications flow more smoothly and may trigger your memory for superb essay topics.


Junior year begins the college application process for many students. This can truly be a time of great excitement, as well as new responsibility. While there are college preparation tasks to tackle, continue to enjoy the time you have in high school too – your classes, your teachers, your friends, your job, and your activities. Don’t over-analyze what is to come, and remember to utilize the resources at your disposal. Visit CFNC’s website for further wisdom on how to prepare and stay organized for the next couple of years.