Once you’ve thought about what kind of college you want to attend, you’ll need to start doing some research. Don’t limit yourself to just the institutions you’ve already heard of—make sure to do your homework and explore a broad range of options.

Talk to your school counselor about different colleges. If you know what you’ll be majoring in, make sure to ask about colleges that have strong programs for that course of study.

Do research online. Check out the websites of colleges you’re considering. Do online searches for schools that fit your interests, check out reputable college rankings, and read reviews of schools and their particular programs. You can locate North Carolina colleges and universities, both public and private, and visit their websites, with CFNC’s College Search tool.

Attend college fairs. College representatives will be on hand to share information and answer any questions you may have. Think about questions you’ll want to ask before you go.

Ask people you know. Talk to teachers and relatives about how they found their college, ask friends what schools they’re considering—or even ask someone who works in the field you’re interested in about good schools for your major.

Visit colleges.
Visiting campuses is the best way to find out which colleges and universities would be good matches for you. Walking around campus, talking with current students, and meeting faculty and staff members will tell you much more than websites and brochures ever can. To set up a campus visit, call the admissions office. And check out CFNC’s list of North Carolina college admission deadlines and open house information.