The keys to successful college applications? Preparation and planning

You’ll find a wide range of college application policies and admission competitiveness. This variety means that there is a college out there that’s right for you—you’ll just need to find the best match and take the right steps to apply. Use these keys:

Preparation – preparing academically is the most important thing you can do to widen your college options and to help you succeed once you get there.

Planning – you’ll need to choose where to apply, understand their admission requirements, and stay on top of the deadlines for each college.

It’s more important than ever before to begin planning and preparing for college early, both financially and academically. The sooner you begin, the more tools you will have at your fingertips when it is time to enroll in the college of your choice.

CFNC offers a wealth of resources for students to help you:

      • Understand the application process, so you can devise a timeline and plan.
      • Learn about college entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT.
      • Familiarize yourself with college essay and recommendations requirements.
      • Send and track your North Carolina high school transcripts.
      • Apply to North Carolina colleges, directly from our website.

CFNC has the tools you need to navigate the process and take the mystery out of applying to college. Let CFNC equip you for success, so you can get into a college you love.