College Redirection Pool: Colleges Come to You

The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is a tremendous resource for students as they plan, apply and pay for college. One of the most exciting tools available through CFNC is the College Redirection Pool (CRP). The CRP is a system that helps students find and connect with colleges that have open admissions slots.

How CRP Works

Students who are interested in participating in CRP must first create a profile on That profile should include important academic information such as grade point average, ACT/SAT test scores, month and year of graduation, and intended college major.  Once a student registers with CRP, his or her profile can be reviewed by colleges and universities in North Carolina that have admission openings. Colleges may reach out to students who meet their admission requirements and express their interest. Students can review the colleges that have contacted them, choose their favorites and officially apply. CRP is available starting April 1 and runs through Aug. 31.

The Value of CRP

If a student’s original college plan fell through, or if they’ve simply missed college application deadlines, CRP is another chance to pursue higher education. With the help of this program, students can still achieve their dreams, even if their top schools didn’t work out. CRP also has the added advantage of potentially introducing students to colleges and universities they haven’t considered or even heard of before. CRP could introduce you to your dream college that you never would have found otherwise.

Get Involved

Regardless of your long-term, higher-education goals, CRP can be of value to you. Both two- and four-year institutions participate in the CRP and are actively looking for the right candidates. This is your chance to have colleges come to you. This program is particularly useful for high school seniors who are still undecided about what school is best for them.

CFNC is North Carolina’s premier resource for students as they navigate the college application process. Through CFNC, students can learn more about everything from selecting a school to applying for financial aid to finding grants and scholarships. To learn more about CRP visit and make your profile today!