College Preparation Tasks to Tackle Before Break

College Preparation Tasks Winter

High school winter break is coming, and with it comes a chance for seniors to their breath before the spring semester sprint. If used wisely, the free time you have during winter break can end up putting you miles ahead of others as you prepare for college. Here are some of the college preparation tasks that we recommend students do leading into winter break!

Task 1: Make an appointment with your school counselor.

This is a chance to talk through your goals for your final semester and evaluate your progress so far. Have you accomplished everything you need to have done, and are you on-track to graduate? If not, what are the action steps you should take to get ready for the next semester? These are questions a school counselor can help you answer, so take advantage of their advice!

Task 2: Make a game plan for your final semester, down to the details.

As with anything, a plan helps you chart your own future instead of relying on luck. Prioritize the college preparation tasks you have left and make a plan to knock them out. Keep a list of upcoming deadlines, and post it somewhere you can see it so that timelines stay top-of-mind.

Task 3: Double-down on test prep, and commit to a date.

If your test scores aren’t quite where you need them to be, your time is running out to fix them. To ease your mind, make a test prep plan of attack ahead of your next test date. Target the concepts you struggle with to make your study time more efficient, and try to take at least one practice test. You should also register for an ACT or SAT date as early as possible. This will provide further motivation to study, especially when you’re battling the temptation to procrastinate.

Task 4: Plan college visits.

While you may be visiting family, winter break is also a great time to visit colleges. Winter break may be your last chance to see all you want to see of your top schools before you have to send in your final decision. Be sure to call in advance and ask about the best time to visit during the winter holidays.  Efficiently planning college visits can help you resolve all of your lingering questions, which means you’ll be making a fully-informed decision about where you want to attend.

Task 5: Make time to relax!

Ensure that you budget some time for actually relaxing during your winter break! This might be your last chance before summer to really catch your breath, and the college application process, on top of all of your senior-year obligations, can leave you exhausted. Don’t burn yourself out right at the finish line. Spend time on hobbies, dive into a book, or visit with friends and family to refresh yourself for the upcoming semester.

Winter break means plenty of free time. Try your best to hit every tip on this college preparation list to make your final semester of high school that much easier. Before you know it, you’ll be accepted and it’ll be time to start thinking about attending and paying for college.