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The application process can sometimes seem long—start early and stay focused. You’ll find that getting into the schools of your choice is easier than you think. A lot of fuss is made about how competitive admissions are at top-tier universities, but remember that most colleges accept sizeable percentages of those who apply. Even the elite institutions consider a broad range of qualifications when choosing who will get be admitted.

Preparation is key.


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When should I apply to college?

Most colleges begin accepting applications about a year in advance of when you want to enroll. For high school students, it’s best to apply in the fall of your senior year. Your sophomore and junior years are the best time for researching colleges and planning when you’ll need to take admission tests such as the SAT and ACT. Check out this list of North Carolina college admission deadlines.


Send your transcripts

Manage your high school transcripts requests with ease

CFNC’s free Application Hub lets North Carolina public high school students easily send official high school transcripts to North Carolina colleges. The Application Hub keeps track of transcript requests, send dates, and status confirmations, showing that colleges have received your transcript.

To send transcripts, simply create a CFNC.org account and go to the Application Hub to confirm several key pieces of information about yourself.