Applying to College in 2019?

The summer before senior year is a critical time for students who intend to pursue higher education. Obviously, summer is a great time to relax with friends and family, but students should keep an eye on their long-term goals. Throughout the summer break, it’s important to maintain your academic focus and prepare to make major life decisions.


Keep Your Academic Skills Sharp


Vacations, days spent laying in the sun and socializing with loved ones are all an important part of summer break, but students should not neglect their academics. As reported in Huffington Post, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) found students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation compared to the results of the same test taken before summer break. In fact, the phenomenon of “Summer Learning Loss” is so prevalent that 66 percent of teachers surveyed by NSLA said they spend a significant amount of time re-teaching material at the beginning of the school year.


Senior year is an important scholastic year, and students should do their best to enter the year as prepared as possible. Over the summer, students can practice writing through free online prompts via College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). You could even complete a practice college application. Parents and teachers may also be able to provide you with math and science workbooks to help maintain your skills.


Get Familiar with is North Carolina students’ premier resource for all things college. Now is the time to make sure you have an account, so you can take full advantage of the information and services available through the site. You can learn more about how to plan, apply and pay for college all in one convenient place. It’s a site tailor-made for students in the pursuit of higher education.


Start Making Decisions


Finally, the summer before senior year is the perfect time to get ahead of the college application process. Start researching schools that interest you; there are more than 100 colleges and universities from which to choose. Fortunately, CFNC has a College Search Tool that can help to narrow down your choices, so you can start making those important, life-changing decisions.


Through hard work, careful planning and proper utilization of resources during summer break, students can be ready to successfully embark upon their senior year of high school. The key is to find the balance between relaxation and academic preparation. Summer vacation is a time to recharge and get ready for the school year ahead. For more information on how to prepare for senior year, visit