What Does Deferment Mean for Your College Acceptance?

After you send off all your highly-polished college applications, you will receive one of four answers from schools where you applied. The first two possibilities are straightforward — accepted or denied. The next two options are less clear — deferment or waitlist. These options are not a “yes” or a “no,” they’re more of a “maybe.” There are also differences between a college deferment and being put on a school’s waitlist.

Deferment vs.

What to Know About College Application Deadlines

College is around the corner. With only a year or two left until graduation, it’s time to start wrapping up those applications. If you’re serious about higher education, then you know that the application process really starts during your junior year of high school. Most college applications are due during the fall and winter of your senior year. That means you need to have your SATs or ACTs taken care of, request your official transcripts,