College Search Tool Brings Higher Education Into Focus

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When it comes to making decisions about your future education, there are so many options out there it can become overwhelming. The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) has built a tool to help you wade through your higher education choices — and doing so can be as simple as figuring out a few things about yourself, and logging on to

What Can the CFNC Application Hub Do for You?

Online College Applications

Have you heard of the CFNCApplication Hub? It’s a great resource for managing your online college applications and electronic high school transcripts. Why? It:

  • Allows you to view all your CFNC application and transcript activity in a single place;
  • Lets you electronically send your transcripts to all NC colleges (for free) and view a copy of the electronic transcripts you’ve sent;
  • Allows you to work on your applications a bit at a time with easy save and resume features;

Beware of Financial Aid Scams

As parents and students are applying to go to college, you’re sure to be talking about how you will pay for college costs. One way in which you can gain access to funds is by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is the starting point for accessing scholarships, loans, grants and work study.

Unfortunately, there are people and companies out there who take advantage of the fact that families need to access to this money.

Top 3 Questions Parents Ask About Applying for College

Questions about applying for college

When it comes to applying for college, students aren’t the only ones with questions about applying to college; there are plenty of concerns and confusion among parents as well. Never fear! College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) has numerous resources to guide and support parents. In fact, we have an entire section of our website devoted to parents, with links to useful tools that will allow you to help your child plan,