Are You #CollegeBound?


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You got the thick letter! There’s no better feeling than ripping open that envelope from your dream school and reading “congratulations!” Want to shout out your excitement about being college bound? You’re in luck. Announce your future school by entering the College Foundation of North Carolina’s #CollegeBound Drawing and you might win $500!

How to Practice Self-Care While Awaiting Admissions Letters

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If you’re a high school senior, now’s the time you might start feeling like you’re running out of gas. You’ve been filling out applications and taking standardized tests, on top of completing your final year of high school, and things might be getting hard to manage. But even as you approach the end of your high school days, you must remember that your health is a priority. Taking care of yourself can seem so simple as to be redundant,

Good to Great: Last Minute Checks to Make Your College Essay Stand Out

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The mere mention of writing a college essay strikes fear into even the bravest student’s heart. The college essay can seem like a daunting task, and students often find themselves second guessing their work. College Foundation of North Carolina has five tips to help you beat the fear and make sure that your college essay is a winner.

  1. Be yourself

Let your personality shine through.

There Is Still Time to Apply to College!


With graduation in the near future for high school seniors, it might seem like you’ve missed your chance to apply to college. Even with some college admissions deadlines behind us, there are still many options available if you’d still like to apply to college.

Here are a few options for those of you who are still trying to figure out that next step: