Countdown to College: Don’t make these applications mistakes

The College Application Process

An important college application deadline, Nov. 1, is almost upon us and the stress in many homes with high school seniors is almost palpable.

Here are some tips to make the last part of the application process run a little more smoothly:

  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Do be specific about your desire to attend.
  • Do make sure you’re submitting the best application possible.
  • Do reach out to your desired college on social media.

Tools to Help with SAT and ACT Test Preparation

Test Preparation

When applying to college, students are often asked for their ACT or SAT test scores. Schools may use the results of these tests as they evaluate applications. For this reason, students are encouraged to register for these tests a few months ahead of sending in their applications, may consider taking them more than once, and should consider spending time on test preparation.

Deciding Between the SAT and ACT

The SAT and the ACT are each best for different types of students,