What Can the CFNC Application Hub Do for You?

Have you heard of the CFNCApplication Hub? It’s a great resource for managing your online college applications and electronic high school transcripts. Why? It:

  • Allows you to view all your CFNC application and transcript activity in a single place;
  • Lets you electronically send your transcripts to all NC colleges (for free) and view a copy of the electronic transcripts you’ve sent;
  • Allows you to work on your applications a bit at a time with easy save and resume features;
  • Reduces the paperwork you must deal with; and
  • The CFNC Application Hub even automatically sends a copy of your final high school transcript after your graduation so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

It is truly a lifesaver for your sanity and organizational skills as you work on college applications!

Take a peek at the inner workings of the CFNC Application Hub.

Work on an application in the Hub. To get started, you’ll need to create a CFNC.org account. From there, the Application Hub is easy to manage; you simply select the button to the right of the “Start an application” paragraph. A window will pop up, containing a list of all the campuses that you can apply to. Once you’ve found your campus, select the application you want and click “Apply.”

If you get tired at some point and want to resume filling out your application later, you can shut it down and come back to it, continuing where you left off.

View completed applications. Find yourself wondering if you filled out the application properly? Or would you like to see what you did on the last one to finish the next application more quickly? You can look at all your completed applications after you’ve submitted them.

Delete applications you’ve started. Decided not to apply to a certain college? You can delete it — provided you haven’t already submitted the application. Once it’s been submitted, then, well, it’s been submitted.

Work on any tasks associated with your application. For instance, maybe you need to fill out a housing form for a college; you can do that at the Hub. Each campus can list numerous tasks that need to be completed as part of the application. (Sometimes there are instructions that the campus has provided; if those are available, you’ll see a help icon to the right of the “Action” column for the task.)

Another task you’ll almost certainly have to complete — getting your high school transcript sent to the college you’re applying to. That used to be something of a chore, but if you are graduating or already graduated from a North Carolina public high school, you can make an electronic request inside the Hub for your transcript to be sent to the college.

Bottom-line. The Application Hub can keep you organized and prevent you from forgetting those little errors. It’s easy to imagine that college students of the past would sometimes show up on a college campus, only to realize that they never filled out a housing form and didn’t have a dorm! Fortunately, with the help of the Application Hub, this type of situation should be a thing of the past.