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The keys to successful college applications? Preparation and planning

You’ll find a wide range of college application policies and admission competitiveness. This variety means that there is a college out there that’s right for you—you’ll just need to find the best match and take the right steps to apply. Use these keys:

Preparation – preparing academically is the most important thing you can do to widen your college options and to help you succeed once you get there.

Planning – you’ll need to choose where to apply, understand their admission requirements, and stay on top of the deadlines for each college.

It’s more important than ever before to begin planning and preparing for college early, both financially and academically. The sooner you begin, the more tools you will have at your fingertips when it is time to enroll in the college of your choice.


Juniors: Practice Making Your Essays Shine!


You work hard during the school year. Now that you are finishing up your junior year in high school, you may already have taken the SAT. From here, college applications are the next college preparation task you’re going to tackle, which might mean writing an essay to send to your schools of choice. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your time and practice making your college essay as perfect as it can be.

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Take Away College Pressure by Working with Your Parents

Since before high school, people have been talking to you about going to college. As the tasks of applying to college near, it may start to feel stressful. You may even find that the process brings up some anxiety for you. After all, there’s a lot to do between writing essays, researching colleges, finding out about scholarships and filling out financial aid forms.

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How to Earn College Credit in Three Hours


These days, college can be expensive. And with tuition costs rising every year, many students are looking for alternative options that can get them in and out of school faster and for less money. One such option is the CLEP exams. In just three hours of exam time, plus the time spent preparing, students can exempt entire semesters worth of course work and tuition payments. Read on to learn why the CLEP exams might be a good option for you or your student.

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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

Having clean and professional social media profiles is important for students who are going through the college admissions process. Since social media has become an integral part of our society, admissions counselors are using it to get an idea of the character of students. According to a Kaplan Test Prep Survey of over 350 different college admissions counselors, 35 percent claim that they use social media profiles to assess applicants.

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