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The keys to successful college applications? Preparation and planning

You’ll find a wide range of college application policies and admission competitiveness. This variety means that there is a college out there that’s right for you—you’ll just need to find the best match and take the right steps to apply. Use these keys:

Preparation – preparing academically is the most important thing you can do to widen your college options and to help you succeed once you get there.

Planning – you’ll need to choose where to apply, understand their admission requirements, and stay on top of the deadlines for each college.

It’s more important than ever before to begin planning and preparing for college early, both financially and academically. The sooner you begin, the more tools you will have at your fingertips when it is time to enroll in the college of your choice.


Tips for Improving Your SAT/ACT Scores

When you check your test scores online, the worst thing you can find is a score that doesn’t match what you had expected. It can be a painful experience to discover that your score wasn’t as good as you hoped it would be. You spent so much time preparing and studying, so it can be frustrating to realize you need to try again. But there are ways to bounce back from a disappointing test score.

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Before You Apply: Tips for Juniors

Choosing a college is a big decision. As you’re researching colleges, there are a lot of different factors to consider and many questions you need to ask. In the early stages of preparation, before you begin sending out your applications, you’ll want to take some time to consider your priorities so you can  determine which colleges best fit your needs. Here are a few important tips to get the ball rolling on preparing for college:

Determine Your Priorities

Everyone has different motivations for going to college and different visions of their college experience.

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What Can a Freshman Do Now to Help their College Opportunities?

Now that you have transitioned from middle school into high school, it is a good time to begin thinking about your plans for after high school graduation. While graduation is still far away, there are many ways that you can begin preparing yourself for the next step and start putting college in your future.

Explore majors and programs

In college, there are a lot of different areas of study and education tracks that you can choose to take.

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What is the College Redirection Pool?

Still trying to put college in your future? Don’t worry! There are options available for students who have not applied to college or have not been admitted into their first-choice school, but who still want to begin classes in the fall. College Foundation of North Carolina’s (CFNC) College Redirection Pool can help students who are still trying to find their perfect fit.

What is the College Redirection Pool?

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